North Las Vegas Ballet Theater


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Director, Ms. Bernadette



Bernadette is an amazing and compassionate teacher, one I highly

recommend! As a previous student while living in South Florida, I was lucky to

have benefitted from her instruction, and I wish I lived near her now so as to

continue to take her classes

Randee Kinker

Celebration, Florida


Ms. Bernadette is an amazing dance teacher! Her patience, guidance, and calm spirit helps the dancers succeed! It has been such a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to what's to come! This school rocks!

Kea Middleton

Atlanta, Georgia


I met Ms. Bernadette at Dance Theatre of Harlem many years ago. I have watched her become this amazing instructor just as our mentors and predecessors were. She has the ability to pull out the best in her students and that is what every student needs. Know that you are under the best while training with Ms. B..

Sylvia Dansby Williams

Atlanta, Georgia


Ms. Bernadette is an amazing dance teacher! Working with her on

couple of projects gave me the chance to discover a great teacher

with a great passion for dance and ballet. I am so happy that she can

pass her experience and talent to several generations..

Hisham Abdel Khalek

Paris, France/New York City, New York


Miss Bernadette was my dance instructor at Savannah Arts Academy. It was a privilege to

be taught by her. Her technique is beautiful and she she takes the time to effectively

teachieve movement, technique and theory. I highly recommend! I still have the desire to

dance thanks to Miss Bernadette many years later in my adult life. She instilled a passion

and love for ballet and modern dance.

Allison Lawson

Baton Rouge, LA